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The Bruce Springsteen Bootleg Community

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Bruce Springsteen Bootlegs
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This community is for the sharing, trading, and discussion of bootlegs releases related to Bruce Springsteen.

The Majority of Posts are Friends Locked, please join to see all posts.

Generally anything to do with Bruce Springsteen UNRELEASED material and concerts is allowed.

PLEASE, NO HOTLINKING. Do not redistribute other members uploads, images, or text to other websites without the permission of the original poster.

While the sharing of bootlegs on this community is HIGHLY encouraged. It should also be noted that most shows/songs posted here are in MP3 FORMAT. These shows really should NOT be traded unless it is always noted they are MP3s and not the original non-lossy format. Although, MP3s are perfect for personal use, and feel free to post what you wish.

A few notes, please, selling boots here is prohibited. People should not be paying for boots; I trust if you join you will not sell anything you may acquire on to eBay, or anywhere else for that matter. This is a place for Bruce lovers to enjoy and spread the music of The Boss.

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